Thursday, July 15, 2010


The perfect time to dress up great without looking out of place. Dresses look amazing with the right equipment . It doesnt have to be the prettiest dress, all you have to do is match it up with the right accesories and shoes and vala....

Monday, July 5, 2010

daring fashion

Now the two fashion styles i adore (but sadly am not brave enough to try yet) are Avant- Garde and Bohemian. Both these style are quiet unusual, but they both are gorgeous styles.

Avant-Garde; unusual or experimental and unconventional and slightly strange

As you can tell by the gorgeous black dress on the left, Avant- Garde is a little experimental and you will stand out but in the end its worth it because even if you keep it subtle the style is very unique and when done properly is very pretty and sometimes cute!

Bohemian(boho); a socially unconventional person, especially a writer or artist

Boho is sort of like a hippy style. Although from the picture above it dosent seem a very unusual style it can be depending on how far you take it. Now i have always loved the idea of going to a festival and sleeping in a little tent, staying up until midnight sining round a fire. Of course i could just do this but i dont want people thinking i'm being someone i'm not. So i have decided to work my way up the Boho scale. Maybe starting ofF with the hair and just seeing how it goes from there.
So i challenge you to try these style. Even if its just your hair or like me you decide to work yopur way up the scale, you'll be looking uniqually gorgeous in no time.

Friday, June 25, 2010


thanks to our three followers. not very many at the moment but hopefully that number will grow!!
please tell your friends to follow our blog. new fashion post coming soon! not well at the moment, got the flu (SOB) but spending all day in my pjs is nice.


Friday, June 18, 2010

alternative fashion

ok so many people tend to stay away from the mix of punk, emo, scene and idie look. i don't know whether this is because people are afraid of being that 'out there' or if it's because people think you have to act like one of the above to look like them. i guess the people who actually are punk,emo ect think that you do have to be like that to dress like that. but i did read read somewhere that to dressing scene is more about being unique than having to look a certain way. so dont be afraid to experiment and try not to listen to what people say. you may get a few horrible remarks (i know this from experience) but just get out there. also a little weird trick is thinking that dressing like you do takes you beond the point of caring what others think check out these websites see ya


okay so school uniform sucks. the colours are ugly and you feel like a sheep. i hate how everyone looks the same and u don't feel like an individual or that your expressing yourself.
SO i figure the only way to stay an individual is through your hair your make-up and of course who you are inside and what you believe in!!!
this chica is amazing!!! not only is she beautiful,she makes the most awesome videos and has her own clothing line!!!!

her you tube is: bubz beauty
her website is:bubz

so she has some fantastic videos on make-up and hair

so look around on the Internet for cute hair and make-up tutorials
always stay true to yourself and as long as your happy it doesn't matter what other people think lorriex

Monday, June 14, 2010


L.O.V.E it. A lot of great people in it including July, Molly, Tessie, Duffy,Kate, pepper and of course...... Annie. My favourite is definitely July She is the prettiest most talented girl ever in the history of Annie. Love you lorrie

p.s: real life not the movie xoxo

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yay Florence and the machine are coming to new zealand on July 29th!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very sad to say i will not be attending this concert (SOB) as our schools production is on that night. Anyway back to fashion florence has also had a style i admire and she is very unique. some of her outfits are quiet extravagant but other wise if your feeling down or you want to be bright and happy take a tip out of florences book. check out their website

and for ticket information**78&quickseatsButton.x=10

have a great week dont let school get you down

Lorrie xx

p.s congradulations to Nelly who recieved a leading role in the production today

Friday, June 11, 2010


Who let the geeks out???....... oooooooooooh ooooooooooooh oooooooh oooh oooh